OCTOBER HAUNT : Monsters,Murderers, & Ghouls, oh my [listen here|    (a mix made up of instrumentals from halloween classics.The right atmosphere for horror.)

i. texas chainsaw massacre - 1974 opening titles | ii. insidious- outro: creepy violin | iii. american horror story - introduction | iv. the strangers - the barn | v. the hills have eyes - the forbidden zone | vi. a nightmare on elm street - freddy krueger | vii. the wolfman - wolf suite pt. 1 | viii. scream - the cue from hell | ix. interview with the vampire - libera me | x. bram stokers dracula- the beginning | xi. saw - hello zepp | xii. the walking dead - main title | xiii. 28 weeks later -  in a heartbeat | xiv. dead silence - main track | xv. hellraiser - maintitle | xvi. the poltergeist - 01 theme | xvii. silent hill - promise (reprise) | xviii. the ring - the lighthouse | xix. the amityville horror - main title | xx. the grudge - theme | xxi. the fourth kind- flight to nome | xxii. the others - sheets and chains | xxiii. sleepy hollow - introductions| xxiv. se7en - closer (precursor) | xxv. thirteen ghosts - 01 theme | xxvi. ghost ship - the bodies 


Tell me this doesn’t bring back any feels..


Vintage photo from a 1971 Chicano demonstration against police brutality in East Los Angeles.


friends who like and play the same games as you but on a different platform


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Lazer Team Filming | Week one

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can i have an explanation as to why foxy fucking flies into the goddamned office ?? like jesus christ did he get one of the others to fucking toss him in on the count of three